Did you know?

Did you know that relying on the scale can be deceiving during your fitness journey because although one pound of muscle is roughly half the size of one pound of fat, it is still one pound, just sitting differently on the body? Hence why you can lose inches, but still weigh the same.The body is very complex, therefore, there are many different aspects that can play into the number that appears on the scale.

Your body needs water to survive.  Water is retained all day every day in different amounts and varies greatly depending on your body type. There are many factors that cause your body to retain water such as high sodium levels and not drinking enough water when working out. Don’t fret over seeing your weight fluctuate a few pounds here or there because it’s most likely from water retention.

If you are working out, there is a great possibility that you are losing fat and gaining muscle, showing a larger number or the same number on the scale because you are burning that extra fat but replacing it with muscle.

The scale can derail your progress by discouraging your fitness efforts.  When your “goal weight” is constantly on your mind, jumping on that scale to see if anything has changed can become a mundane routine.  The secret.  Hide the scale.  Do not jump on the scale after or before every single workout.  Try to weigh yourself every week on the same day in order to get consistent measures. And if you don’t want to get on the scale, judge your progress by how your clothes fit. Find that old pair of skinny jeans and see if they fit! Either way, your body is recognizing your efforts even if the scale isn’t.


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