Dinosaur Weight Training – Part 2

Prehistoric Power-Up

Out of context, when you hear the word dinosaur the assumption is that it would relate to the prehistoric creatures that roamed the earth many years ago. But what if the word dinosaur had a different meaning?

In recognition of the upcoming blockbuster Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, this blog series delves into the concept of dinosaur training. What is dinosaur training? This workout method utilizes the philosophy of weight training and the return of traditional strongman types of exercise, by using varying body weight exercises to condition and build muscle. Eugen Sandow and other historically known body builders are a testament of this training method.

Now, building excessive amounts of muscle does not equate to strength. A false belief some make when they see an individual with large muscles is that they must be an incredibly strong person because of their muscle mass. This is similar to how we view large dinosaurs. In an article found on theironsamurai.com, the size-to-muscle strength ratio is debated using body builders as the example. The study found that some individuals that had large muscles could have the same level of strength a person half their size could possess, in some cases even less! If anyone wants to effectively build their strength they need to consider their varying fiber types.

Fiber types in this article are categorized into two sections: slow and fast twitch. Fast twitch fibers are the ones athletes utilize to gain bursts of energy that directly effect speed and strength, although this is a short–term effect. Slow twitch fibers attribute to limiting burnout, relating to endurance and stamina. This training method helps develop muscle that pairs with overall strength development.

Knowing this about strength training, it would be more beneficial in the long run to keep to the basics without overexerting oneself, but still achieving the desired result. To have the strength like a dinosaur requires some old school methods of exercise.

If you’re interested in learning more about gaining muscle mass and strength, contact us today and we can set you up with one of our personal trainers! Call us at (262) 248-2422 or send us an email at lakegenevawi@anytimefitness.com Be sure to stay tuned for the next part of this blog series, where we’ll shift the focus towards training like a dinosaur trainer.

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