Cover All Your Bases

Train like the Pros

In our last blog post, we learned some history of baseball as a sport and how the World Series was designed. Major league players like Babe Ruth and Jackie Robinson made baseball history that we continue to celebrate today. Baseball is an American classic sport, and anyone can play, either competitively or just for fun.

Professional players spend hours upon hours of time training every day for their season. The overall goal with this training is to improve the performance of the player and progressively condition them to a more rigorous regime.

According to, the average person can condition themselves as professional baseball players do, just not as intensely. Even if you are not in the majors, you can still train for competitive play, as well as recreation. It is recommended that to get the best results, a person should follow this example for exercise training.

3 sets consisting of 10 reps each exercise:

  • Squats
  • Lunges
  • Abdominal/lower back exercise of choice
  • Chop and lifts
  • Medicine ball movements

These exercises will not make you a pro athlete overnight, but professionals train this way to promote strength, flexibility, and endurance. Over time, you can increase the reps and add weight for resistance as desired to achieve results.

Stop on by Anytime Fitness to get started! Even if baseball isn’t your sport, these exercises can do nothing but improve the results listed above. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more content similar to this.

Until next time, Go Brewers!

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