Recommitting to Your Resolution

We are two months into the new year and a lot of people are already feeling the pressure to keep to the resolutions they made back in January. In our last post we provided ways to stick with those resolutions; however, daily challenges and struggles can make those commitments seem nearly impossible.

An important concept to keep in mind is that not all success is measurable. Skipping that unnecessary second cup of coffee with cream and sugar in the morning or cutting back on drinking are major accomplishments that you should be proud of!

Small changes like this might not lead you to the results you’re looking for, but they’re the best way to start. In this blog, we’re going to pin-point exactly what’s keeping you from your goals.

What Went Wrong?

In order to figure out a resolution that is perfect for you, we first need to look at what hasn’t worked. Start by evaluating your initial resolution that you weren’t able to keep. Was the goal a short-term goal or a long-term goal? In other words, will you see the results you’re looking for this year, or will you see the results in a few years? Long-term goals can be more difficult to achieve, so it’s important that you set short-term goals that will help you reach your long-term goal.

Next, determine if your resolution was physically attainable by you. For example, if you have a preexisting injury, be mindful of it and set your goals around it. If your goal is to finish a 5k, don’t give up on that goal because you have a bad knee. Instead of setting the deadline 3-months out, give yourself extra time to properly train and set it for 6-months.

The same can be said for a diet change, as well. It can be nearly impossible to change your diet overnight, so make smaller goals. Instead of eating perfectly clean every meal of every day, start by just making one meal a healthy one. Bring a salad to work for lunch and pack fruits and veggies to snacks on throughout the day. After a few weeks of trying new recipes and figuring out what you like, start to shoot for two healthy meals each day. This will turn into a habit for you, and you’ll prefer the healthier meals that you prepare yourself over the fast food drive thru.

Once you have your new, attainable resolution goal, write down your WHY. Your WHY is the reason that you want to accomplish this goal. Whether it’s to gain confidence, to be healthy for your family, or to just feel better, your WHY is the most important part of your journey. Your WHY will help you get back on track the next time you slip up. Write down your WHY and put it in a picture frame where you’ll see it every day and remind yourself why you’re doing what you’re doing.

Moving Forward

It’s time to move forward and forget about what hasn’t worked in the past. Focus on your WHY, set short-term, attainable goals, and crush that New Year’s resolution! Having someone hold you accountable can be an asset to reaching a goal. Our friendly and supportive staff at Anytime Fitness is here to help keep you on track. For information about meeting with a personal trainer, call or email us today at (262) 248-2422 or Be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram for more content like this to help you stay on track!

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