The Physical Proof: Part 2

Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise

In a recent case study, researchers took 10 pairs of identical twins in their thirties and compared the influence of exercise to no exercise at all on their overall health.  After three years of study, the results showed significant variations. The half that exercised had minimal illnesses in the three years, compared to the non-exercise group which had early developing medical concerns, such as diabetes. This shows that lack of physical activity can have major effects on our health.

Take A Goal-Oriented Approach

Most exercise programs want participants to reach as high as 10,000 steps per day, which can be difficult if you sit at a desk all day. The average person only walks 3,000 to 4,000 steps a day and doubling that seems nearly impossible. The best way to approach a change such as this is to set a few small goals that lead up to one big goal.

If weight loss is your goal, it is recommended to combine both cardio and strength training. To ease any chronic health concerns, seek out professionals like a personal trainer and set your pace; slower is better.

Start out by raising your step goal to 5,000/day for the first week. Once you consistently reach that goal, raise it by another thousand, and so on. You can also try and form a new habit to reach your step goal; try taking a walk twice a week during your lunch break!

Mental health is a growing focus of study in the medical field. Individuals looking to manage their day-to-day stress and depression are recommended to exercise regularly. When first starting, try not to start too intensely: start just enough to get you moving and get your heart rate up.

The medical field has many advancements that have improved and have cured various diseases over the years, but there are simple solutions like exercise that can lessen these intensifiers just as well as a prescription can. In any case, it is best to seek out professional medical advice with medical concerns.

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